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A Comprehensive Rummy Royal Review

Rummy Royal is, hands down, the best online portal for all things related to Rummy. The Rummy gaming website offers one of the most complete and advanced Rummy resources online. It is also known as one of the pioneering Rummy websites that revolutionized the card game industry by introducing various forms of online Rummy to the online market. Now, a membership at Rummy Royal is practically a must for all avid Rummy players. The website offers them a lot of Rummy treats, such as the chance to play Rummy online, the chance to practice Rummy completely for free, the chance to win prizes, the chance to join Rummy competitions, among several others.

Rummy Royal Review: Games

Rummy Royal offers one of the best online sets of Rummy games. Their most popular offers are Traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, and Kalooki, but they also offer several other games such as Canasta and Mah-Jong. What is most impressive about the games at Rummy Royal is that they are set in a realistically simulated interactive gaming environment with excellent and sharp graphics as well as realistic sound effects. Aside from the aesthetic advantages offered by the Rummy Royal games, Rummy Royal also offers two ways to enjoy their games: first is by playing for real money, and the second is by playing for free. The real money games are excellent options for serious Rummy players who want to take the real challenge. The fact that they can earn money through these games is definitely a bonus. On the other hand, the free games are excellent options for people who just want to play Rummy for fun and also for people who are looking for a way to play real Rummy for free so they can enhance their skills. All these benefits are available only at Rummy Royal.

RummyRoyal Review: Promotions

RummyRoyal also offers a hefty serving of promotions for its valued members. All initial bonuses are rewarded with a 100% deposit bonus of up to $200. This deposit bonus is available for all members who make an initial deposit into their Rummy Royal accounts. This bonus is also an excellent motivation for players to sign up for a membership at Rummy Royal. But that’s not all. Rummy Royal also offers the classic Refer-a-Friend bonus. If you refer a friend to Rummy Royal, you get additional bonus points once your friend makes an initial deposit. There are two limitations, though, that members should have to be aware of to avail of the referral bonus. First, the referred friend should access Rummy Royal through the referral e-mail that will be sent to him/her. If not, the new membership will not count as a referral. Second, the new member should make an initial deposit of at least $25 before the referrer gets the bonus. The website also offers several seasonal promotions that you can avail of. A complete summary of ongoing promotions can be found at a separate “Promotions” page at the Rummy Royal website.

Rummy Royal Review: Tournaments

RummyRoyal extends its bonus giveaways through its tournaments. The website stages various Rummy tournaments that you can join anytime. There are single-table and multi-table Rummy tournaments. You can choose from the offered tournaments which one to join. The tourneys also usually start one after another, with each game starting as soon as the table is full. All tournaments require buy-in fees except for the freeroll tournaments. The freeroll tournaments are part of Rummy Royal’s promotions. These tournaments are open for all to join and do not require buy-in fees. The website also offers tournaments with guaranteed prizes. Rummy Royal itself adds a certain amount of money to the stake to boost the prize and increase the competition. You may also avail of other special tournaments offered at Rummy Royal from time to time.

RummyRoyal Review: Other Features

Aside from all these offers, Rummy Royal offers a lot more in features. One of the best things about the site is that it is not only a Rummy gaming website. It is also a website where you can learn a lot about the game. The website offers tutorials and demos for beginners, articles and other resources on the history of the game and the common Rummy terminologies. Aside from that, you can get comprehensive explanations of the basic rules of the Rummy games from the website. All these information can help you enjoy Rummy. Best of all, serious players will also appreciate the strategy tips on Rummy that the website also offers. All in all, Rummy Royal is undoubtedly the best place to go when you are looking for an online Rummy portal.



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